We are an office in The university business incubator as one company and in site of the university, our parts have had some problem after switching to new theme.

one of Employee of this university business incubator asked me to help her to fix the site which have had restricted access to site setting so, i have tied to fix it but i see that the new theme don't show some of widgets like search and meta don't shown at sidebars you could see here:

enter image description here

but it could be shown in new widget like this:

enter image description here

the main site before changing them is like this:

enter image description here

so i like to know what information is needed like logs and ... to find out why this happened?(i thinks i must have access to the root folder of site to check the them folders and logs maybe like this site instruction but i have not so it could be effective to try fix it, what do you think?)


According @udit_sharma answer, I have try to deactivate the plugins but i have don't access and get this feedback :

Your admin is protected. Light wordpress plugin - CipherCoin |Settings | Hide Notice

enter image description here

So i thinks why the supervisor of the university site don't fix this problem and i don't like to try by restricted access to fix the site problem. (‌i this situation what proverb peoples say at this situation?)

Thanks for your attention.

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You should check by checking deactivating the plugins. Which will tell you which will the for corruption of wordpress

  • Thanks @udit_sharma i will try deactivate them but my user is restricted, Also i updated the question. Commented Nov 26, 2019 at 17:40

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