I'm having some trouble with WP adding those numbers onto the end of my slugs if it thinks it's a duplicate slug. The issue, though, is that it's not actually a fully duplicate URL, since I include a separate Custom Post Type post in the URL.

So for example:


If I make another post of the same name, even if I put it under a different CPT "parent" post, WP is stil thinking it's a duplicate slug, like so:


How can I make WP check the entire URL to see if it's a duplicate instead of just the slug itself? Or if that's not possible, how can I properly set up Parent-Child hierarchy for separate Custom Post Types?

  • That's a normal behavior if the post has the same parent - e.g. parent: /my-post, child: /my-post/child, child 2: /my-post/child-2 - the second child post has -2. – Sally CJ Nov 23 '19 at 23:35

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