I have built a website using the wordpress Simplified Chinese language pack with the help of a human translator to get the chinese as accurate as possible. The website has a lot of plugins and also includes Woo-Commerce.

Now the feedback is that some people prefer the Traditional Chinese to the Simplified and I'm just wondering what my options are?

Is it possible using wordpress to switch from Simplified Chinese to Traditional.

Is there a plugin that could give people an option to do this

I have looked at https://wpml.org/ but it seems to be only for pages and posts I don't think it will translate all the plugins text.

Is this going to go down the road of having to do a huge amount of backend coding

Thanks for any advice

  • WPML and the free plugin Polylang can add option for user to change the display language. then you have to test for all plugins you use if the plugin is ready for localisation an eventually provide the MO and PO files for Traditional Chinese. – Kaperto Nov 22 at 18:00

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