I have the plugin Easy WP SMTP installed and there I have configured sending my WordPress mails with SMTP.

I send emails with a cronjob to my users with the wp_mail() function. I was asking myself, if the emails are sent with SMTP or do I need to add this functionality to wp_mail()? If yes, how can I achieve this?

  • Easy WP SMTP should automatically handle mail sent with wp_mail(). After all, that's how all the other emails are sent. Whether there's anything special you need to do to support it is something you'll need to ask its developers. Nov 22, 2019 at 3:31

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When you're using something like Easy WP SMTP, what you're doing is configuring things so that wp_mail() sends using your validated SMTP account rather than the generic mailer on the web server.

The a common confusion and misconception is that you are using SMTP OR wp_mail(). Actually what you're doing is changing what wp_mail() is using to send.

So you're still using wp_mail(). Properly configured, anything going through wp_mail() will be going through your SMTP account.

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