I tried to find with this select statement.

SELECT * FROM `wp_options` WHERE 'option_name' LIKE '%core_update%'

Zero lines result.

What can I do beside update by hand. I only want to use the update button instead.

Thanks in advance. Hans

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Something went wrong while you were updating your website.

Two solutions :

1/ Install and activate this plugin : Fix Another Update In Progress. In your settings, simply click on "Fix Another Update In Progress" and the plugin is going to fix your problem in a few seconds.

(Before using following solution, backup of your website.)
2/ Manually : In order to fix the problem manually, you can simply locate (using you ftp client) your upgrade folder and delete it. The upgrade folder is located under the wp-content folder (dont suppress this one !).

If the problem is persisting, try to locate (using your ftp client) a .maintenance file at the root of your server and delete it.


In WordPress there are two update locks:

  • core_updater
  • auto_updater

So, you can fix this issue by deleting the update locks.

Use below code to delete the lock's:

delete_option( 'core_updater.lock' );
delete_option( 'auto_updater.lock' );

You can delete the update locks with CLI command too. Checkout how to delete them with CLI command.

Use the WordPress plugin fix-update-in-process which show the existing locks and fix the issue with one click.

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