I have a website www.example.com and I have put a lot of products using woocommerce. And the URL of those products like example.com/cat/samsung/j7

Now I would like to add country subdomain like www.example.com/uk but keeping the other pages to remain the same almost the same content. So the product pages will be like example.com/uk/cat/samsung/j7

how can I achieve this?

  • You could create a MultiSite if you'd like one place to log in and manage everything. Or you could maintain a separate install in each site. Duplicating the content has inherent issues I'll assume you are aware of; you can use WP's export tool to export all of the content and then import it onto the other sites, then tweak. – WebElaine Nov 21 at 21:06
  • I'd like one place to log in and manage everything. Can you please tell me a bit more details on this context? – Sakib Al Mahmood Nov 26 at 8:49

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