When i edit a single post slug the old url redirects to the new one automatically.

I need to do this in bulk.

There is a text that appears on thousands of permalinks and i want to remove it from them all and keep wp native redirect, because this text appears in random places i cannot make an htaccess rule for all posts.

So for example:


Should become:


If someone access the old url redirect to the new one.

  • You should check first to make sure the new URLs will not create any duplicate slugs. Having /cpt1/hello-world/ and /cpt2/hello-world/ should work because they are different post types and so they have different overall URLs, but if you wind up with two /cpt1/hello-world/ posts then only one will be accessible.
    – WebElaine
    Nov 20 '19 at 14:22
  • I see. They are very different except for these unwanted words. I found a workaround i will post later on!!! Nov 20 '19 at 14:43

This is what worked for me:

 function remove_false_words($slug) {
  if (!is_admin()) return $slug;
  $keys_false = array('unwanted','word');
  $slug = explode ('-', $slug);
  $slug = array_diff($slug,$keys_false);
  return implode ('-', $slug);
add_filter ('sanitize_title', 'remove_false_words');

Then you can use wordpress dashboard to select all posts, bulk edit, Update. And the words will be removed from slugs with native redirect.

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