I got 2 fields in group ordered by toolset-post-sortorder meta_key:

youtube_id: TeBW-WByzlw 144 163
youtube_id: CEdYPEKDD2E 255 270

This it how it look in DB: enter image description here

This is how I try to get fields:

$videoId_arr = array();
$child_posts = toolset_get_related_posts( get_the_ID(), 'playlist_item', array( 'query_by_role' => 'parent', 'return' => 'post_object' ));
foreach ($child_posts as $child_post) {
  $videos_ids = types_render_field( "youtube_id", array( "id"=> "$child_post->ID") );  
  $videos = explode(" ",$videos_ids); 
  array_push($videoId_arr, $videos[0]);

This is result with wrong order:

Array [ "CEdYPEKDD2E", "TeBW-WByzlw" ]

Please help me fix it.

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