I would like to remove all users from WordPress site using WP CLI except one (me, as administrator).

This command remove every user:

wp user delete $(wp user list --field=ID --number=10)

Unfortunately (or not), nobody have any role except the administrator. So I cannot filter based on this information.


Found out you can pass the --exclude option to wp user list to exclude a user by their ID from the list. So let's assume your user ID is 2 then you could do the following:

wp user delete $(wp user list --field=ID --exclude=2)

And just to be sure all content gets reassigned to you that would be the following command.

wp user delete $(wp user list --field=ID --exclude=2) --reassign=2
  • 1
    If I need to exclude more then one user I can use something like --exclude=2,3?
    – natas
    Dec 5 '19 at 12:16
  • @natas – Yes, exactly. You can simply try it out yourself with wp user list against wp user list --exclude=2,3,4,5.
    – leymannx
    Dec 5 '19 at 13:15
  • what to add in --field=id May 2 at 19:21

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