I have been hearing a lot good about the Gutenberg but unfortunately, it's not available and might be disabled on my site https://grabhosts.net. It's a coupon site that is running by a WP Coupon theme by famethemes.

I have been using it for a while now and publishing various contents but i'm missing the best editor, Gutenberg.

I have checked the plugin and configured the settings too but there's no option to enable to functionality. Here's a screenshot you can see.

enter image description here

The reason I want the Gutenberg editor is because of the FAQ schema and its advantages. enter image description here

In case the theme has disabled this feature then if there's an alternative way to add faq schema to wp site then it would be highly appreciated.

  • We want you to manually debug the issue, and edit the question to add the debug information, so that someone can help. Otherwise, the issue is too localized for anybody here to support you. – Mayeenul Islam Nov 18 at 7:27

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