Is there a way to make a condition for posts belonging to any sub-categories of a given parent category? Here is an example, assuming the following category structure:

  • News
  • FAQ
    • 1) Installing
    • 2) Using, etc.
  • Other
if ( has_category( 'FAQ' ) ) { 
    echo "This page has been updated for Quick Access Popup v10.";
else {
    echo "This page has NOT been updated for Quick Access Popup v10 yet.";

The has_category() condition includes only posts that are in the category 'FAQ' itself, but not those in its subcategories. I know I could use an array and list every categories but this is not convenient and need to be maintained when subcategories are added, removed, etc.

The has_category() doc says nothing about parent categories (https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/has_category/)



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To do what you want, you'll need to get a list of all the child categories of the category you want, and then check those. But you don't need to write that list manually. You can use get_term_children() to get the IDs of the child and grandchild categories:

$cat_id   = get_cat_ID( 'FAQ' );
$children = get_term_children( $cat_id, 'category' );

if ( has_category( $cat_id ) || has_category( $children ) ) {

  • Thanks @Jacob Peattie. This is exactly what I needed. I changed it a bit because I want the snippet to be displayed only in the post of the children categories but also in the children categories pages themselves: if ( is_category( $children ) || has_category( $children ) ) { ... }
    – JnLlnd
    Nov 13, 2019 at 4:26
  • You can just remove is_category( $children ) || if you want to do that. Nov 13, 2019 at 5:28

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