I am wondering if anyone knows of a solution that will allow us to display certain product category pages on a static html website. Is this possible? If not, do you have any recommendations or suggestions?

Here is an example: Category on our Woo Commmerce site: https://birdiemedia.net/product-category/golf-event-signage/

Static (one page) website we would like to display these products: http://teesigns.cc/

Thank you

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    you can provide products information with the REST API (developer.wordpress.org/rest-api). and then on the html page, you can read these information with JavaScript.
    – Kaperto
    Commented Nov 9, 2019 at 0:55

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Based on the way the question is written you want a single page website with that one page displaying all products within a single category.

Install and configure Wordpress and WooCommerce create the desired product category and add all relevant products.

Do not create any menus.


  1. Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Frontpage -> Product Categories
  2. Customization option of WooCommerce Category section are divided into 3 parts Product Categories: Product Category Layout: Product Category Color & Image:
  3. Insert the section content & select the category layout
  4. Click on “Save & Publish” to save your changes.

Hope this helps.



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