So, I've just developed my very first site using Understrap/Understrap Child Theme. Now, I'm ready to launch the site (today is the deadline, of course) and, my CSS edits aren't taking effect out on the live server (WP Engine). After searching and searching for a guide to deploy an Understrap-based site, and after reading what threads i could find, I'm thinking it isn't working because of references to my dev URL (localhost:8888/wordpress/understrap). Even when I edit the _child_theme.scss file directly in the Wordpress Admin, th changes/edits don't appear on the front-end - and no, it is not a caching issue, it's because there are steps I need to take to correctly deploy this site that I cannot find a guide to anywhere. :(

Would one of you kind folks please tell me which files need to be edited for live use after having been developed locally and using npm/gulp/browsersync?

By the way, using Understrap has rekindled my love love for web development. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Understrap. I just need to get it launched today or my boss and the client are gonna kill me.

Here's the link to the site on WP Engine https://vancedev.wpengine.com Thanks in advaance for your help, I truly do appreciate it.

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    I'm not sure how you deployed the site to WPEngine - did you use git? FTP up all the files / upload the locally developed database? In any case, though, your fastest option will be contacting WPEngine support. They're very helpful and can probably explain what you need to do. – Michelle Nov 8 '19 at 19:23

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