I have made a simple search plugin for woocommerce and have two sample of the plugin in the following domain names: http://klaussongs.com/ https://www.moderndiamondco.com/diamond/

as you can see in the first one which is a http site, the plugin works just fine when you change the filters. but in the second one I added cloudflare ssl and somehow the search filters does not return any values anymore and empty the table. I should probably mention this since this is my suspicion where the issue comes from, the way I have made this plugin is that I query all the WC products specs (title, price, attributes) all in once and saved them in a variable and all the search happens in the frontend. so when someone search for something there is no request back to the WC tables database. Could this be the issue. or is it something I remove from cloudflare or perhaps a ssl from host provider? All helps and opinions are appreciated in advance.

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