whenever i try to share the link of my site bepagal.com its always shows wordpress site i don't know i have tried everthing. i am using ocean wp theme.and i want it to show my custom discription but whenever i share the link it automatically convert to my first wordpress site

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  • What network are you having sharing problems on? Facebook has a testing tool you can use to clear its cache. – WebElaine Nov 6 at 14:14

If you check it via the Sharing Debugger, you'll see the following entry:

og:description    |   Just another WordPress site

Change this value under Settings > General (either make it empty or use a proper custom text).


Hello it might help you based my understanding about your question

Answer: In the backend of your wordpress site go into this page

enter image description here

Then select the Site Identity Button and you see there the Site Tile & Tagline of your website, there you may edit that.

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