I have a function as shown below defined inside chapters.php file. In the function below, I am trying to retrieve all wordpress post having type sdft-episodes.

=> chapters.php:

namespace SDFT\Chapters;

function get_down_latest_videos( $post_id ) {  

 $query = new WP_Query(array(
 'post_type' => 'sdft-episodes',
 'post_status' => 'publish',

 while ($query->have_posts()) {
 $post_id = get_the_ID();

I want to call this function in a different file. The file name where I want to call the above function is down-latest-videos.php.

=> down-latest-videos.php:

Here is the complete path and code inside down-latest-videos.php:

$latest_four_vods = \SDFT\Chapters\get_down_latest_videos( $post_id );

print_r($latest_four_vods);  // Line A

The above code is inside the file down-latest-videos.php. Line A above doesn't print anything.

Problem Statement :

I am wondering what changes I should make in the function above so that when it is called anywhere it should show all the wordpress post having type sdft-episodes.

Line A should print should print all wordpress post having type sdft-episodes.

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Make sure you're namespacing the class that is declaring the function, within chapters.php - namespace absf/Chapters

Within down-latest-videos.php:

use function absf\Chapters\get_down_latest_videos; // This pulls in the function from chapters.php

$latest_four_vids = get_down_latest_videos( $post_id );

Your function get_down_latest_videos is expecting one argument to be passed - $post_id.

You're passing it two - $curated_posts and $program_ids.

Since you're filtering the posts within the WP_Query, you don't need to pass in a $post_id or any arguments, unless you're using those in the function itself to add to the filter. Currently you're not using $post_id anywhere within the function.

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