I using a plugin that it makes posts and etc date to Persian Date but the problem is I just want to convert date in front not admin panel or etc. I found that part make this action:

add_filter('date_i18n', 'ztjalali_ch_date_i18n', 111, 4);

It using add_filter to do this on date_i18n function, can I change it somehow that convert only date in blog post in front. I'm not a wordpress expert and don't know too much about date_i18n, but I think it refer to all post date in everywhere, so can I change the code to only convert in front?

something like:

add_filter('post_date', 'ztjalali_ch_date_i18n', 111, 4);

I tried above but no success.


You need to add an additional filter on the frontend. Very basically it would look like this:

Frontend (eg. single.php):

echo apply_filters( 'my_custom_persian_filter', $post_date );

Backend (eg. functions.php)

function persian_date_function( $date ) {
    $date = $converted_to_persian; // there you convert date to persian
    return $date;
add_filter( 'my_custom_persian_filter', 'persian_date_function' );

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