Goodmorning everyone, I announce that I am a newbie in wp, I have recently started the passage of a custom portfolio theme on a single local page, I divided the various parts of the theme into different pages and recall the same through a Wp_query with post_type set to page and its Id through 'p' and so far, everything is ok. I needed to create in the about fields page of custom fields, through the ACF plugin, that they could recall my data in a dynamic way (email, cell phone, address in life can change), but it happens that when I insert the data in the fields in the page not all of them remain saved in memory, as soon as I leave the page about and return the contents of the field has already disappeared, but the strangest thing is that it does not happen on all fields but only on some. Also for the visualization, that happens through the function the_field ('field name'), in the front-end some visualize them others not! Has it ever happened to you? if yes how have you solved it? the version of Wordpress in use is 5.2.4. Thanks a lot to anyone who wants and can answer.

  • Welcome to WPSE! Questions about plugins are considered off-topic here. You'll be better off contacting the ACF author directly with your questions. – WebElaine Oct 22 at 13:56

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