I'm working on a site where each agent has their own subdomain. Each subdomain directs to the content on the main page, there is no difference in content. The only difference requested is a banner that changes based on the subdomain used. For example: bob.example.com Would direct to example.com with a banner at the top that says "Welcome to Agent Bob's Portal!" I'm not very experienced with WordPress, but what I was aiming for was something like:

<?php $url = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];
 if (strpos($url, "bob."))  {
           print "Welcome to Agent Bob's Portal!";
} ?>

The problem is that I'm not quite sure where to put it. I've tried putting it in the page.php file, surrounded by a div that encapsulates the area I want the text in, but that doesn't seem to work. Is there something else you would recommend trying?


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You can put you code in functions.php where you define the string, for example:

function get_banner_text() {
  $url = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];
  if (strpos($url, "bob."))  {
    $banner_text = "Welcome to Agent Bob's Portal!";
  } else {
    $banner_text = "Default text here";
  return $banner_text;

Afterwards for example in header.php of your theme you could have like:

<div class="banner"><?php echo get_banner_text(); ?></div>

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