I'm trying to set up BuddyPress with limited php coding experience.

Website: www.jb-williams.com Theme: Divi 4.1 BuddyPress Membership Pro (free version).

I was told to add a couple of pages to the child theme: https://beyond-paper.com/getting-buddypress-and-elegant-themes-divi-to-work-together/

Which I did. I did not want to add a new sidebar differently from Divi, so left it alone.

I've been spinning my wheels for two days, trying to figure out a solution. The major problem is some of the pages the plugin set up route to the Home Page (which I want to NOT be BuddyPress.)

Any advice would be very welcomed. Like "Give it up, it won't work," or "Here's some advice."

Thanks, very much. Maureen

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