I'm working on a WooCommerce addon/plugin and created a custom admin sub page under WooCommerce menu in dashboard.

Now I am looking to add tabs and sub navigation as per the Settings page under WooCommerce.

WooCommerce settings tab

I am wondering if there is a WordPress/WooCommerce of doing it, or do I need to just replicate it using custom code?

Edit: ideally it should be on my custom admin sub page, but guidance to add a new tab to WooCommerce->Settings is also appreciated.


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I've figured it out how to do it on my custom admin page.

You can use default wordpress classes and get variable trickery like so:

    if( isset( $_GET[ 'tab' ] ) ) {
        $active_tab = $_GET[ 'tab' ];
    } // end if

<h2 class="nav-tab-wrapper">
    <a href="?page=sandbox_theme_options&tab=display_options" class="nav-tab <?php echo $active_tab == 'display_options' ? 'nav-tab-active' : ''; ?>">Display Options</a>
    <a href="?page=sandbox_theme_options&tab=social_options" class="nav-tab <?php echo $active_tab == 'social_options' ? 'nav-tab-active' : ''; ?>">Social Options</a>

And then wrap everything else in if($active_tab == 'desired_option'){} statements.

Credit: https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/the-wordpress-settings-api-part-5-tabbed-navigation-for-settings--wp-24971

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