There are many similar questions, but none of them have exactly the same issue as I do. Unfortunately the solutions suggested there have not fixed my issue.

After selecting a category in my Shop page, the page title turns into "Categoryname Archives - Storename". I would like to remove the "Archives" part from the title, or atleast translate it. I have not found a way to translate or remove it. I am using Loco Translate for my translation needs.

All links with examples: https://www.prindistuudio.ee/pood/ - Our Store page. https://www.prindistuudio.ee/kategooria/kruusid/ - A category named "Kruusid" is selected, the title is incorrect.

Is this a theme, SEO or some other problem? I have tried some suggestions to make changes in Yoast SEO, but for that I would need to change a certain page's SEO options. I do not know which page is handling the category selection (so https://www.prindistuudio.ee/kategooria/categoryname).

Any advice?


This should be Yoast SEO related.

In your WordPress admin dashboard navigate to SEO -> Search Appearance.

Then, on the Taxonomies tab you can edit the "Archives" text (and many other strings).

  • I would like to see the reason for downvoting this post, because this almost certainly is the correct answer. Oct 17 '19 at 13:17

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