I am trying to remove a 404 image from my WordPress site. I tried the Broken Link Checker plugin, but that plugin is not detecting that link.

I want to remove this link entirely so that it will not load in 404.

Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/pk9nns

GT Metrix report: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.test.ivgeliquids.com/wH9HZGsJ

Website Link: https://www.test.ivgeliquids.com

Missing Image URL: https://www.test.ivgeliquids.com/storage/2019/07/IVG-BG.png

Please guide. Thank you!

  • Your theme is calling it, in a file called test.ivgeliquids.com/wp-content/cache/et/1682/… . When I load the website link you provided, it isn't returning a 404, it's a 200 found. – WebElaine Oct 16 at 21:06
  • Your host seems to be optimizing a lot of resources - you might want to check with them and see if you can turn off some of their code minification/optimization to see if that solves the issue. Also be sure to check in a browser where you're not cached. – WebElaine Oct 16 at 21:07
  • Hey, to get 200, I created the same location and added a random image with the same name that was showing 404. See: prnt.sc/pka19n I know this is not the solution, but I have no solution other than this. If you can help me to remove this URL, then I will appreciate that. – Brajmohan Kumar Oct 16 at 21:12
  • You'll want to contact the theme developer as it's specific to your theme. You could also try re-downloading the theme from the source and uploading the missing image to the appropriate folder. – WebElaine Oct 16 at 21:13

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