Hello I try to keep only specific tag from an html string.

For example:

$content = '<a href="#">link</a> <b>strong text</b>';
$content = prefix_remove_specific_tag($content, $allowed_tag);
echo $content

Will return

<a href="#">link</a> strong text

I'm sure a wp core function existe for that, but i can't find it :(


I had to ask to finally find the solution, lol.

The wp_kses do exactly that:

$allowed_tags = array(
    'a'      => array(
        'href'      => array(),
$content = '<a href="#">link</a> <b>strong text</b>';
$content = wp_kses($content, $allowed_tags);

I found the solution in another topic

  • Just keep in mind that this is the opposite of how you phrased your original question. This code will remove everything except a specific tag. Not a specific tag. For example, if you only want to remove <b> tags, this won't work. That might be what you were always after, but I just wanted to point that out. – Jacob Peattie Oct 16 at 7:26
  • You're right, I edited the title to avoid confusion. – Robin ZecKa Ferrari Oct 16 at 8:06

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