Say you have some custom post type. Call it my_type.

Now say in Gutenberg, you want to either

a. Insert some data into a my_type post from an existing instance of another_type where the inserted block has template/styling


b. Insert some data into my_type that will create the custom another_type post instance.

What is the most sensible methodology? You can imagine doing this with a forum post. In Gutenberg you want to insert some reusable block with styling that displays certain forum topic data. Or you want to insert a block that creates the forum topic in the first place.

As it is now, I am just creating the forum topic then using a shortcode with topic id, but can't help but wonder if there is a better way?

thanks! Brian

  • I'm having trouble understanding your examples, could you give a more specific real-world example? – Jacob Peattie Oct 16 '19 at 6:09
  • So say you have a post type called lesson. In lesson editor you want to add a block for a lesson discussion. Discussions are via bbpress where forums are related to a given lesson. So in lesson editor I want to add block for an existing forum topic or add block that creates the forum topic if it doesn't exist. Make sense? thanks, Brian – Brian Oct 18 '19 at 14:54

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