I have a website "creativethinksmedia.com" whenever I open any URL without htpps it redirects it into a folder for example "http://creativethinksmedia.com/robots.txt" please help me out already https install experts help me, please

  • you need to modify your .htaccess (if using apache) or nginx redirects etc. look for a tutorial specifically for your server's control panel and config there should be one. – majick Oct 10 at 8:55
  • hi, magick you are looking expert bro please brief me step by step and I will solve creativethinksmedia.com/robots.txt | creativethinksmedia.com/robots.txt take a look both url and tell me what i have to do in htaces file m sing go daddy hosting . Thanks – creative media Oct 10 at 9:46
  • the second link is redirecting to /creative/robots.txt is this intentional? do you have redirects setup already somewhere? – majick Oct 10 at 12:19

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