I'm new to WP and I must fetch pages/posts from a blog in another subdomain. I'm using ZF to do this. I've recently found out the getPages doesn't get me what I want (posts; duh!). I didn't see any "getPosts" rpc methods for WP, so I've tried blogger.getRecentPosts. That's better, but now I don't have the permalinks. It would've been nice for it to return the same values as getPages does (title, permalink etc.).

I'm considering modifying (through filters, ofc) the WP's RPC server to return pages and all the relevant information, but, for now..
Is there a RPC method for WP to get Posts and their permalinks?

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Use the metaWeblog api instead: "metaWeblog.getRecentPosts".

This includes the permalink information.

See here:



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