I created my posts with lots of images jut fine. If I open the editor after a while the images are not shown anymore. It's just showing a placeholder with the image title. If I open the image gallery and hit update, the image reappears.

Any ideas whats wrong?

enter image description here

  • Is it just broken in the editor or is it broken on the site too? Can you look at the URL it's trying to load for a broken image - is there anything obviously wrong with it? Can you compare it to the correct URL after a refresh? Do you have any plugins that do background image resizing, or offloading to a CDN, or something like that? – Rup Oct 9 at 16:19
  • Hey! I suggest you to activate the debugging and look in debug.log and inspect the console. Do you see any particular error? – huraji Oct 9 at 17:49

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