I'm developing a custom WooCommerce payment gateway plugin.

However, I'm having one issue in the http://website/my-account page.

The registered token payment methods is not listing properly all data in http://website/my-account/payment-methods page.

From the payment-methods.php I can see that in the code payment methods are listed based on the wc_get_account_payment_methods_columns() function.

However when I tried to echo the array, I don't see the payment method value of last4 listed in it - even the actual size is one.

I'm trying to look for more documentation, however I haven't found the solution yet.

Is it something that I need to explicitly trigger when adding new payment-method / checkout using new payment method apart from saving the payment token?



This issue was due to i override the type of token when extending WC_Payment_Token_CC, to avoid this i need to remove the type override. Everything will display properly. This is due to WooCommerce framework will not assign the last4 value when the type is not == "cc"

function wc_get_account_saved_payment_methods_list_item_cc( $item, $payment_token ) {
if ( 'cc' !== strtolower( $payment_token->get_type() ) ) {
    return $item;

$card_type               = $payment_token->get_card_type();
$item['method']['last4'] = $payment_token->get_last4();
$item['method']['brand'] = ( ! empty( $card_type ) ? ucfirst( $card_type ) : esc_html__( 'Credit card', 'woocommerce' ) );
$item['expires']         = $payment_token->get_expiry_month() . '/' . substr( $payment_token->get_expiry_year(), -2 );

return $item;


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