The website works perfect on my localhost. I used duplicator plugin to upload it on my web-host. Database connections are established since mywebsite.com/wp-admin works perfect. I can login the wordpress wp-admin panel and all the plugins, pages, posts are there and are editable. Also the permalink on the homepage shows as http://mywebsite.com

But when I open my website I see an absolutely blank page. There is no code in inspect element or no errors in console log.

Website can be viewed at: www.maajees.com.pk

Things I've tried:

  1. Reupload the files from duplicator.
  2. Disabled all the plugins, no result.
  3. Wp-Admin > Settings > Permalinks selected another format and then selected the same format as localhost and clicked save settings, didn't work.
  4. I created a php file called index.php, renamed the wordpress file index.php to index2.php temporarily and placed an h1 tag "Testing" in index.php, I can view testing when I opened the domain www.maajees.com.pk which means the domain is properly configured. Changed back the wordpress index2.php file back to index.php.

Nothing worked. All suggestions are welcome. Thank You


Only localhost everything works perfect but when I upload it on webhost no page is displayed. website.com/wp-admin and all wordpress backend works perfect but still nothing is being displayed on the www.mywebsite.com

  • Have you checked your wp-config.php file to make sure it's pointing to the correct (live) database with a valid user?
    – WebElaine
    Commented Oct 8, 2019 at 20:49

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May be the active theme is overridden. Check the 'option_name' => 'current_theme' value in wp_options . Is the option_value the same as your active theme name? Try activating your theme also

hope it helps..

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