Is there anyone that able to tell me on which files to find:

 <span class="woocommerce-Price-currencySymbol" ==$0

I really have to get rid of that comma before my euro sign.

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  • This "," cause of some customization. Can you please share more details? Or you can see if you have this code apply_filter("wp_price", '....'); in your theme which is updating default price structure – Vantiya Oct 8 at 13:12
  • i tried 2019 theme which comes with wordpress, and the problem stays the same. So i think it is not theme related. I got this problem on belgianbeercompany.de/alle-biere also this problen exist on product listings, single product page and wherever a price is displayed. Which information you need? Kind regards, Dennie – Dennie Oct 8 at 16:44

SOLVED: the designer before me did an custom javascipt entry


that was what causing the comma in front of the currency symbol.

searching for a pin in a haystack is easier :)

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