I am interested in making a personal webpage and I am trying to set up Wordpress on my local machine, so I can try it out and see what it can do, before I commit to paying for a web hosting subscription. I am using Trisquel 8 (based on Ubuntu).

I have installed Apache server, MySQL, PHP and I am using the Icecat web browser (based on Firefox, but increased security). I have downloaded Wordpress (latest tarball release) and it is running on my local Apache server - I can log in to it, change settings etc.

However, I am experiencing problems when trying to publish a new page. At first, I was getting errors saying 'Updating failed' and 'Publishing failed' in a red banner at the top. After reading this page, I installed the Classic Editor plugin, which seemed to resolve the errors. However, after I publish and then click on 'View Page', the browser can't seem to find it:

The requested URL /about-me/ was not found on this server.

The Health Check plugin is indicating that the REST API can't be found, so perhaps that could be part of the problem?

If not, does anybody know what might be the issue here with the page publishing? Thanks in advance!

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I have found the answer here:


The issue was my permalinks were not working, and a modification was required to the apache2.conf file. Is it worth leaving this here as a link for others, or should I delete the question (as it is effectively a duplicate of that one)?

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