I am using the LearnDash plugin to administer guitar lessons. LearnDash comes with functionality to add quizzes, assignments to a course. But I need to also have exercises, and forum questions that are treated as an entity at lesson level (a course has several lessons). That way, I can have a sidebar for a lesson that shows for the lesson:





Now, I am new to WordPress. Been doing Laravel development and am finding WordPress a bit odd in terms of design, so trying to figure out what is proper way to do what I am seeking. The way I see it, exercises and forums would be tables that have a many-to-one relationship (that is one lesson has many exercises, forum questions), and in my lesson view I would simply display exercise and forum question info as needed. This would also entail a backend controller to add exercise and forum questions. But maybe I am thinking in Laravel terms and Wordpress requires totally different approach?

Forum questions should be integrated with already existing Learndash bbpress add on, just that the add on works at course level and I need lesson level control.

Any tips on how to efficiently do this, meaning in terms of model, view controller mindset that I am used to in Laravel, where in the Wordpress app should I be looking to perform such modifications?

thanks, Brian

  • Welcome to WPSE. I recommend you to familiarize yourself with the concept of hooks (actions and filters) that WordPress uses. The theme and plugin developer handbooks are good starting points. You should not modify any plugin files directly as these modifications will get overwritten when the plugin is updated. Also please note that 3rd party plugins (e.g. LearnDash) are considered off-topic here. You should contact the plugin author should you have any questions regarding the setup, usage or customization of the plugin. – Antti Koskinen Oct 6 '19 at 8:03

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