I'm getting a white screen on my wordpress site. I think I have narrowed it down...

If I remove the js_composer plugin (I believe its the Page Builder plugin) directory then the page loads - albeit poorly formatted.

I've added memory settings to increase memory to 1024M, and I can see from docker that the container is only using around 250M when I try and load the page.

I have also tried leaving the page builder plugin installed and removing themes, I have noted that there are 4 themes and when I leave the 'ave' theme installed the site fails. Im not sure what this test proves though, is it that there is a problem with the ave theme or is it that page builder doesn't really get fully utilised unless the ave theme is present.

Sorry if it doesn't make too much sense - Im new to wordpress.


Turns out the problem wasn't a plugin issue.

I had locked down ingress to the webserver to my VPN CIDR Block, but I believe wordpress needs to perform redirects to itself.

After opening up the Security Group to the world the application worked as expected.

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