I'm using a page called News & Events (permalink: news-events) for my posts page setting in the settings >> reading screen. I want to use blocks on this page and then access them on the index.php and archive.php pages. I'm using the following code to spit out the blocks from that page:

  $newspage = new WP_Query( 'pagename=news-events' );
  while ( $newspage->have_posts() ) : $newspage->the_post();

However, that's not working, because of the fact that this page is being hijacked by WordPress as the posts page. If I create a different page and store blocks on it, I can grab them with this code, but I don't like how clunky that is to have two different pages in the dashboard. It's not intuitive for the user. How can I streamline this to use the same page for both?

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