I need to handle a import of a lot of rows and database inserts. I currently have the below options:

1) Run on WP backend and let user wait for this. This would require the user to have his browser open for the import script to work (less attractive as I'd like to avoid this). Importing 1 by 1, or 10 by 10, and then refresh page and continue.

2) Let user import script and then run as a WP Cron. I would disable the normal WP cron script, and let my server hit the wp-cron file so users are not dependent on this.

3) This is sorta like point 1, but instead of importing 1 by 1, it should import all at once, and then I would increase the script timeout setting. I don't really like to increase the script loadtime for the whole server, but it could be necessary for the import script to work.

What do you guys think? Is there a smart way to accomplish this? Thanks.

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