When I have an asterisk in my form that the fields are required, and when I try to send empty fields, it doesn’t pop up under the "This field is required" field. I would like this error to be displayed under the required field

<h3>Book strategy call with our expert:</h3>
 <div class="form-container">
  <div class="label-container">
    <div class="form-item">

     [text*    your-name class:input_info placeholder "Name" ] <label 
      class="input-label"> Name </label>

     <div class="form-item">

        [email*   your-email class:input_info placeholder "Email" ] <label 
        class="input-label"> Email </label>

     <div class="form-item">

       [tel tel-427  class:input_info placeholder "Phone number" ] <label 
       class="input-label"> Phone number  </label>

     <div class="form-item">

     [text text-836 class:input_info placeholder "City, Region, Country"] 
        class="input-label"> City, Region, Country </label>
    <h5 >How many web design project you have per year? </h5 >
       [radio radio-525  use_label_element  default:1 "none" "1-5" "5-10" 
      "10 and more"]

     <h5 > Book Telefon-meeting: </h5 > 
      [radio radio-526  use_label_element  default:2 "Tuesday 9.00 - 9.45" 
    "Tuesday 16.00 - 16.45" "Thursday 9.00 - 9.45" "Thursday 16.00 - 16.45"]

     <div class = "flex-center">
      [submit "Book free Call"]

i fix this problem

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