Please, help. I want to update WordPress(or plugins), but always the same error: 'Download failed: cURL error 7: .'

OS: Linux Fedora 30. Server: nginx. DB: MySQL 8.0. PHP 7.3

I have installed all the needed PHP extensions. Curl is working - I tested to download google HTML using curl and info.php says thas cURL is enabled.

Why WordPress can't update anything? Nginx error.log does not have mistakes. On another laptop (Windows 10) with the same development environment, everything works.

What information should I give you to solve this problem?

error on the WordPress site

cURL info (phpMyAdmin)

  • Was it actually curl (7) i.e. 7 is the error code?
    – Rup
    Oct 2, 2019 at 13:11
  • I think that it is error code but there is no error description as, for exmaple, 'could not connect to port' or something like this. Just installaition failed on a new string. Oct 2, 2019 at 13:18
  • Thanks. That looks like this error is generated by wp-includes/Requests/Transport/cURL.php, which prints curl_errno. The documentation there links to libcurl-errors, and 7 = CURLE_COULDNT_CONNECT: Failed to connect() to host or proxy.
    – Rup
    Oct 6, 2019 at 13:46

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In my case (running on Centos 8), this error was caused by SElinux preventing apache (the login running the web server) from using the connect(2) system call.

Try running in permissive mode -- if that works, change your SELinux configuration as appropriate.


You need to allow all outgoing connections from your hosting side. Ask your hosting provider to do that if you don't know how. This will fix the issue.

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