This question might seem out of topic but in my opinion it's strictly related to the whole Wordpress / WooCommerce ecosystem and its performance optimization.


The issue is about building a Google data studio dashboard and deal with a direct SQL link or exploit third party API services.

In particular I'd need to perform advanced:

  • Retention Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Life cycle
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Product Analysis (how much time between purchases, acquisition channels, type of customers etc)

We have tried to combine different tools such Analytics, native WC dashboard and so on but it's all really basic. I'm dealing with a 18,000 customer base and counting.


Would you recommend to go for a Google Data Studio / custom dashboard (building a plugin?) or using third party API services (please list them)?

Final note

It's NOT a hidden marketing question, I already know / used some services which I avoid to mention. I just find hard time how and/or where to get these metrics.

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