I created a plugin which creates a database-table (wp_mediopay) and a widget in the admin dashboard. In this widget is a form, which should update an entry in the database table after being submitted.

I simply made it POST to saveentry.php. Then I created saveentry.php in the wp_admin folder:

$newaddress = $_POST["address"];
$table_name = "wp_mediopay";
global $wpdb;
$newaddress = array( 'address' => '$newaddress' );
$data_where = array( 'id' => 1);

but nothing happens. echo $newaddress works.

Weirdly, when I use this:

$myrows = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT address FROM wp_mediopay WHERE id = 1" )

I get an error 500. When I do this in my plugin file it works fine.

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$newaddress = array( 'address' => '$newaddress' ); // Incorrect

Is not the same as:

$newaddress = array( 'address' => $newaddress ); // Correct

And you have a missing ; at the end of:

$myrows = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT address FROM wp_mediopay WHERE id = 1" )

And before the above line you must also have:

global $wpdb;

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