I want to install Wordpress to a subdomain (sub.example.com) but want to serve it on the subfolder (example.com/sub).

I want to do this because the root domain (example.com) is a different web app so installing WP to subdomain is better to manage.

I read several articles about proxy / Nginx etc. but want to know how to organize this structure from the beginning. I mean if there is anything I should be careful about for this structure because I know the WP installation will be served on different URL.

Install: sub.example.com | REDIRECTION | Serve: example.com/sub

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    Why not just install it in the sub directory? – Jacob Peattie Sep 23 at 9:23
  • Because I want to use different servers for app and Wordpress for security reasons. – herci Sep 24 at 9:05
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    @herci, you should tag the person(s) you're responding to so that he/she/they could be notified of your replies. Anyway, are you saying that example.com and sub.example.com are handled by different servers - e.g. Nginx for the former and Apache for the latter? Are you looking for something like this?.. – Sally CJ Sep 24 at 18:49

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