Any one can help me: I need to generate dynamic url in the WordPress site. for example:

Homepage have 3 dropdown country, state and city.

When I select country dropdown then url will be domain.com/country-name

When I select state dropdown then url will be domain.com/country-name/state-name

When I select city dropdown then url will be domain.com/country-name/state-name/city-name

Similar like this website: https://www.ifsccodeofbank.in/

I just need URL dynamic and get the value of URL on a particular page.

  • What are you attempting to do with the link? – Rudy Lister Sep 21 at 17:31
  • @RudyLister My client needs this requirement, they want to built a website similar to the above URL in WordPress. – Ravi Sep 23 at 5:20

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