I would like to better understand how WordPress login / logout cookies work.

In my case I have a page that allows you to perform various operations.

To see if the user is not logged in I perform the following operation:

<?php if (! is_user_logged_in ()) { ?>

In case you are not logged in, I show you the login and registration.

In the event that he is logged in, I show him a page with a button to change accounts which will then log out and take the user back to the first selection (ie login and registration).

If I log out to change accounts, the result of the first selection is displayed correctly.

But if I log in or register and go ahead and then go back I always find myself on the login and registration page while I should be on the page to log out.

I hope I have explained myself well, if you have any questions, please ask.

I conclude by saying: is there therefore a code that clears the caches and that allows me to correctly visualize the previous page of the login just made?

Otherwise I would have to perform another redirect and for the user experience it would not be the best.

Best regards.

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