I need to make a WP plugin that would have:

  • A WP-Admin page for doing stuff.
  • In this page you need to have a row with a button that open the media gallery popup, where you can choose an image.
  • In the same row, when you have choosen the right image, you have other settings for that in some text field.
  • At the end of the row, you have a "+" that let you make another row when you can choose a new image.
  • Then, when you click on 'submit' every image id need to be passed to $_POST, so a php script can do the stuff.

For know i got only a blank admin page, i have my php script that already runs in another way/plugin, but im missing all the js/jquery part, so the plugin is unusable to "normal users" and i dont know how to do that, i already seen some tutorials but no one explains things, they just put some random code on the page saying "copy it". I'm actually new to jquery, but i would like to learn it better.

Of course im not asking for someone that do things for me, the basic thing i need help for is to get an admin page when you choose multiple media files, and then when you click the submit button you obtain a var_dump (in php) with all the media IDs, then i can do everything else.

Thank you in advance.

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