I'm using the plugin TinyMCE Advanced and would like to achive a "link_class_list" to the editor when inserting a link. I tried a hundred things, but can't seem to get this work with the main (content) editor. I already set the TinyMCE Advanced link option to 'Other dialog to create/change links' on the settings page. Maybe it's a wrong selector, I really have no clue..

    selector: "#content",
    plugins: "link",
    menubar: "insert",
    toolbar: "link",
    link_class_list: [
        [{title: 'None', value: ''},
        {title: 'Button (primary)', value: 'btn btn-primary'},
        {title: 'Button (secondary)', value: 'btn btn-secondary'},
        {title: 'Button (default)', value: 'btn btn-default'}]

Any help would be very much appreciated!


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I understand the alternative, but I'm looking for a direct way to do this within the "Link dialog". See the image below.

enter image description here

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