Yesterday I tried to add some lines of code to my functions.php and suddenly the whole site throw 403 forbidden error. Both frontend/admin. Asked my hosting provider ( SiteGround ) and they said it is blocked because of security reasons as far as I understood. How can I check for malwares if I can't access my admin panel to install plugin for this. Also downloaded the files on my local server ( I am using LAMP stack on Ubuntu 18 ) and when I try to reach my local domain it redirects me to the site again with 403 forbidden error. What I tried to add as code is :

function test() {
   echo "TEST";
add_action("test", "test")

After that I have deleted it through FTP. Hope I explained the situtation clearly. If you need more info to give me some advice will provide it immediately. Thank you!

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You need to look at all files via your hosting File Manager (or FTP). Look for any code that shouldn't be there.

See my answer to Coinhive Malware on WordPress websites , of things to check.

And here's the process I use to clean up hacked WP sites: https://securitydawg.com/recovering-from-a-hacked-wordpress-site/ . Basically: change credentials on everything; look at all file contents for hacked code; reinstall everything from known good/original source; reinstall latest WP; and more.

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    Thank you very much!
    – Toma Tomov
    Commented Sep 7, 2019 at 20:59

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