I am creating a data table from a PHP array using the WpDatatables plugin. I followed the instructions (here) and have had no issue getting standard content to display (custom fields etc.) but I cannot figure out how to get taxonomy terms to display correctly. I have tried in various ways but keep getting a 'cell format' error.

E.g. I have tried

'Date' => get_field ('date'), 'Terms' => get_the_terms (get_the_ID(), 'taxonomy')​

...but with no luck.

I would be very grateful for assistance.


  • Welcome to WPSE. Please note that questions regarding 3rd party plugins, such as WpDatatables, are considered off-topic on this forum as specific know-how of the inner workings of the plugins are required to answer these questions. It is recommended to contact the plugin author, should you have any questions regarding the usage, configuration, or customization of the plugin. – Antti Koskinen Sep 6 at 20:30

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