So i changed woocomerce function im template Hestia hestia_woocommerce_template_loop_product_title() by removing this part

    <div class="footer">
            $product_price = $current_product->get_price_html();
            if ( ! empty( $product_price ) ) {

                echo '<div class="price"><h4>';

                echo wp_kses(
                        'span' => array(
                            'class' => array(),
                        'del'  => array(),

                echo '</h4></div>';

            <div class="stats">
                <?php hestia_add_to_cart(); ?>

I uploaded file on server by ftp, but website still showing this footer blow, i cleaned cache, but it dint works. How can i make this works?

  • Which caches did you clear? – Tom J Nowell Sep 6 at 11:42
  • From w3 total cache i deleted all – questionmark12323 Sep 6 at 11:47
  • 1
    Did you check for browser caching or CDN? If you're using the Hestia theme, any changes you make will be overwritten when you update it, are you sure it's not a child theme of Hestia that's active? – Tom J Nowell Sep 6 at 11:58

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