When i use wordpress i got random connection problem, and website is off for around 5 to 10 min. Wen i check error logs i got somethink like this: Any help? rd

  • Are those real pages on your site? Are you saying that the site randomly stops working and then you find failures in the log? That might mean it's the PHP module that's fallen over, although in that case I'd expect a 500-series error code. – Rup Sep 5 at 15:08
  • Yes, that real page set up on hosting, I can add that it was automatic install WordPress. About random problem, is when I user admin system of WordPress, the random stopping (they show error website message 504 or 404). So I contact hosting provider, and they say me that hosting is all right, and if they is any problem, that mean is problem with my connection, but that looks very abnormal to have problem for 5 min to connect just for this one page. So when I look on my logs I find this type of error, but I do not know what that mean. – Jakub Krzyżanowski Sep 6 at 7:18
  • I'm not sure what to make of them either. Do you have non-WordPress pages on your site that you can test accessing when the site goes down? I really don't think this is a WordPress problem, though, unless your server is very low on resources and WordPress is somehow bringing it down. When it does crash can you try testing the server via another route, e.g. your phone, to see if it genuinely is a connection issue at your end or a server failure? Are there any server logs from the failure - is this a VPC, i.e. you control Apache, or a hosted environment where you don't? – Rup Sep 6 at 9:06
  • I'm also nervous about the "HTTP/1.0" and "Apache SSL/TLS access". Almost nothing uses HTTP/1.0 anymore (and does HTTP/1.0 work OK with your site setup, i.e. is your site in a virtual host only, and not the default document path for when there's no Host header?) and I'd be surprised if anything used HTTP/1.0 over TLS. What do your logs look like when the site is working - are there any obvious differences e.g. the HTTP version? – Rup Sep 6 at 9:09
  • Ok, I PlaskDesk(plesk.com) on hosting, so what I understand I have full control over apache and all other stall, unlucky only limit i have is to be use only by WordPress, so a can open any other page. When a look on my phone, and as well other laptop, the website show with different error, On phone was error 504, on the other laptop error 404. The offers a have is ready to use WordPress with full control. About normal logs is like this: imgur.com/pcYnmis – Jakub Krzyżanowski Sep 6 at 10:10

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