Today I'm having a custom post type where I have a custom editor added like this:

function add_meta_boxes()
    add_action('edit_form_advanced', 'intro_editor');
add_action('do_meta_boxes', 'add_meta_boxes');

And the intro_editor() looks likes this;

 * Custom WP-Editor
function course_intro_editor($post)
    $text_domain = 'jakompetens';

        if ($post->post_type == get_stylesheet().'_course')
            <h2><?php echo __('Intro', $text_domain); ?></h2>
            $editor_settings = array(
                  'textarea_rows' => 5
                , 'editor_css' => '<style type="text/css">#post-body #normal-sortables { min-height: 0 }</style>'
                , 'media_buttons' => false
                , 'teeny' => true
            wp_editor(html_entity_decode(stripcslashes($post->intro)), 'intro', $editor_settings);

But I want this to be able to edit from the Gutenberg Blocks mode too. How do I manage that? Cause right now, they disappears. It's only the custom meta data I have in the right sidebar that is shown.

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